We recognise that as a business we have social responsibilities which are three fold: we are accountable to the Community in which we work, our Employees and our Environment.  We also take a strong stance against Corruption and Discrimination.

Local Community

We have a responsibility to give something back to the community in which we belong.  We support local schools by offering work experience opportunities, as well as our new Apprenticeship Scheme, which started in 2011.  We participate in careers fairs at local schools, introducing students to Engineering, as well as supporting local charities.

Our Employees

At JDP we do not discriminate, whether that is by race, gender, religion or age. Our employees represent all sections of society and have a multitude of talent. At JDP we encourage our employees to further their education. We offer opportunities for part-time work and offer flexibility in working hours to best accommodate our employees. We believe it is our duty to help further train our employees, no matter what stage of their career they may be in. Our commitment to our employees has meant that we were winner of the CIBSE Employer of the Year Award 2012.


At JDP we have made a commitment to protect the environment, and we believe it starts first and foremost in-house. Our newly refurbished offices have been well insulated, and have motion activated lighting as well as new skylights which bring floods of natural light into the office, helping us to reduce our energy consumption and therefore reduce our carbon footprint. We have eliminated desk waste bins and have numerous recycling points around the office, as well as a food waste receptacle, and plastic recycling point. To further our commitment to the planet we encourage our employees to travel via public transport and carpool when possible. At JDP we have two accredited low carbon consultants who help enhance the design of a project with the sole purpose of helping clients to reduce their carbon emissions.


JDP has a “Zero-Tolerance” attitude towards bribery.  We follow the guidelines of The Bribery Act 2010 to the letter.  We obtain work by demonstrating our competence and proving our ability.  We do not offer any cash or other incentives to prospective clients, nor do we accept any.

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